Thursday, November 29, 2007

Old enough to know better...

Young enough to be stupid and do it anyway.

When I was younger, my friend Liz let another friend cut her bangs. It was a whole awful incident of not accounting for how they would really look when her hair was dry. It took her a long time to forgive our friend for doing this to her, and even longer for those awful bangs to grow out.

10 years later, you think I would learn from her mistakes... not a chance. I decided I wanted bangs and having moved away from my hair dresser in Texas, I thought it would be better for me to do it than go to someone I did not trust. Little did I know, I should not trust myself.

Flash forward 4 months. I have been growing my hair out for almost a year hoping to eventually perm my hair and acheive this look.

I told my friend yesterday what I was doing. She warned me, she begged me, not to do it. She said she was going for the same look and got this instead:

I hesitated, because that is what my last perm looked like. But, I said, no, I will bring a picture, one of what I do not want and one of what I do.

Lets review:



The hair dresser copied one picture perfectly... guess which one.

I'll never learn.


Bert said...

your life just got curled-

Carolyn said...

crimped is more like it

Kristie said...

I'm scared -- do you have a photo?

Carolyn said...

I do not yet, if I ever take one Ill send it over email... no way am i posting it

pjleffelman said...

Oh, suddenly I'm excited for Thursday.