Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Octoberfest in September in Seattle

Seattle is the city of surf, skyline and way too many Air force boys

You’ve seen it in so many episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, but let me tell you, the flybys in between dramatic shots of Seattle’s skyline just does not do it justice.

Now, I did not do too many touristy things while in Seattle, but I did get to experience it’s amazing night life, beach scene, a little of Pike’s Place Market and the skyline at night. Every up had its down, but overall I had a wonderful time in Seattle.

The beaches were beautiful. The freezing cold water forming treterous waves that hit pointy black rocks were less than a warm invitation for me to join my friends to surf on that beautiful beach. But, I think I got just as good of an experience watching and taking photos.

Pikes Place Market was interesting. There were loads of flowers and fruit. And, apparently there were people throwing fish. I could not see it if it was happening because there was a huge crowd of people to thick and tall to see through or over. But, there was lots of shouting.

I was fortunate enough to be in Seattle for their Octoberfest (although it was September). I did not go to any of the activities surrounding the event, but it did make for a very exciting full of people night out at the bars. But, no matter how many people were out, we managed to run into the same group of people both nights at different bars. This may have been fun if these were cute charming boys. Alas, they were pilots with the Airforce, not cute enough to make up for the overwhelming lack of charm. Still, I had a fun night with my girls and lots of good food and drinks were had.

Speaking of food, I found another AMAZING Thai restaurant. I am accruing a list of the best Thai across the country. I have one in Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. I never found one in Dallas. Surprised? Not really.

Next stop... Vegas :)


Amila said...

cool! I really enjoy seattle. The whole northwest is awesome. And Vegas will be tons of fun for you as well:D

pjleffelman said...

I digs the photos.

When are you heading to Vegas?