Saturday, December 15, 2007

Las Vegas... the city of long lines

What happens in Vegas...

Oh who am I kidding, I'm blogging about what happened in Vegas.

My Vegas experience centered around walking and waiting in lines. Waiting in line for clubs, waiting in line for cash, waiting in line for food, waiting in line for a show, even waiting in line to make a purchase at Walgreens.

Most of the waiting ended in something amazing, though the Walgreens line had a less than exciting ending as they charged me for a $2 water that I had already paid $5 for at my hotel. Oh, and Vegas is expensive.

The hotels are pretty fancy. Each one has it's own special theme inside. The Venetian, for instance, is themed after Venice, with a canal that runs inside and out that you can ride a gondola on.

We stayed at the Paris which has an Eifle tower outside and nice little rooms inside. There was a great crepe place and an amazing buffet downstairs. Both which had those lines that I mentioned that made the food taste even more amazing... or maybe we were just that much more hungry and anything would have tasted good.

And, then of course there was The Shining themed hotel. Also known as the Flamingo.

We saw KA! which was a great show. I highly recommend it, and their giant drinks.
We ate at lots of great resteraunts including Mesa, Tao, and some sushi place with neat looking sushi and great tasting sake.

I did not gamble, but I rolled some dice and got some free drinks for standing around other gambling people.

All in all Vegas was fun, expensive, tiring, and AMAZING.

Where else can you stay in a castle that looks like it is built by legos?

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