Saturday, August 18, 2007

Thanks Kristie!

"Watch your cat disappear"

So, Nelly has never taken to a cat bed in her life. Actually, she doesn't take to most of the fancy smanshy stuff we try to buy her.

For instance, the Cat Sitter DVD...
I was all excited for her to chase at the TV. She did not even bat a paw at it. So, we gave it to a cat who cared.

I have bought a few beds before and given them away as well because Nelly wouldnt even set a paw in them. But, Kristie's post and pictures about the Love Bucket at Target just looked so cute, I had to give it another try.

I brought one home and waited... Nothing. I even tried to put her in it, and that did not help anything. I had pretty much given up hope when I left for work the following day. Later that day though, I got a happy text picture from PJ.

Success!! Thanks Kristie!

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Kristie said...

YAY! Nelly looks so comfy in there! we have 3 love buckets now, so they don't have to fight over them, although they still kinda do because one if the favorite (they are exactly the same). Rocco still hasn't touched it though.